The Red Pen Editor Page

  • English major
  • Thirty years of teaching secondary school reading and writing
  • Five published novels (including two award winners)
  • Over seven years of paid editing including work for World Castle Publishing and for Tower Publications.
  • I've edited over fifty full novels and proofread over twenty others


  • Line editing or copy editing .005 cents per word (100,000 word book is $500.)
  • Proofreading .0035 cents per word (100,000 word book is $350.)
  • Combination of copy editing and proofreading .0075 cents per word
  • General beta reading .002 cents per word
  • Additional readings (cost negotiated)
  • Developmental editing (comprehensive critiquing) .005 cents per word (100,000 word book is $500.)

Services Offered:

       I watch for copy errors as well as make suggestions, comments, and other notes. My expertise over the years is grammar and punctuation. I'll correct errors or note them as text comments. I do second readings to catch new or missed mistakes. I communicate with my clients regularly, whether that be via emails, chapter-by-chapter edits, or phone calls. I stick with my clients until they are ready to publish, and I willingly (and patiently) answer any and all questions and concerns. I treat my clients with kindness and professionalism, and I gladly teach grammar and punctuation rules so they learn through the process. For beta readings, I'll make comments and suggestions for readers to use to revise their manuscripts, and I'll note mistakes such as spelling errors or typos. For developmental edits, I'll give a thorough, specific analysis with written observations, suggestions, and a constructive critique.

Additional Comments:

          Prices for returning clients may be discounted. Those who have worked with me will vouch for the fact that I'm personally available to discuss the book, and I'm easy to work with. Clients who are open-minded to suggestions and who understand that the book is still a work in progress when I begin editing it are the clients I most want to work for. Please contact me so we can discuss your book. My turnaround time matters to you, so we'll talk about that as well. Thank you.

phone: 810-265-2419